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Interview with Metal logo mastermind Christophe Szpajdel


UK –

Klaus: So, Christophe Szpajdel, we hear that you’re the master of black-metal logos. But who are you, really?

Christophe: I am 37 years old, I come from Belgium but I live in Exeter, Devon, in the UK. In the last 20 years I have drawn more than 7,000 logos, mostly for black- and death-metal bands from all over the world, including Emperor, Moonspell, Nachtmystium, and Enthroned. 

So do you sit alone by candlelight in the uppermost chamber of a castle and draw sinister things all night?

No. Besides drawing logos, I am a forestry engineer and I have a regular job as a customer-service assistant in retail. I need a job to support my artistic activity.

Will you stab me with a cursed, ruby-encrusted dagger if I say that I think you’re inspired by the Art Deco and Art Nouveau eras?

No. I am a big fan of Art Deco, Art Nouveau, and the Vienna Secession artists. But most important is a school of calligraphy that I created and developed. It’s called Depressiv’Moderne, and it’s a result of the merging of Art Deco, depressive dark ambient, and the actual economic depression we are in right now. 

So you work in forestry engineering. Isn’t it contradictory to work for the protection of the environment while at the same time supporting music that wishes to lay waste to the earth until it’s a stinking heap of sulfur and bones? 

I wouldn’t say so. In fact, it is some kind of a yin-yang. There are bands that make extreme music but lyrically deal with the purity of nature. They offer the perfect fusion between my fascination with nature—especially mountains—and metal. But a lot of extreme metal bands deal with the destruction of mankind, which I think is needed. Maybe not a complete destruction, but at least a drastic cull. Our streets need to be cleared of all the scumbags walking on them.


Seattle, Wa

Jeff Gilbert and his friends at Mansplat Magazine are not only innovative and creative, they are generous contributers to the Vectorvault community. Since the “get-go”, these cats have supported vector art and the people who bring them to life. So it’s only natural that we began to take notice of the incredible work going on with their magazine.

We tried to summarize the philosophy of this group up in a nutshell. However, that proved difficult. The truth is, this magazine is a hurricane of 50’s sci-fi, metal, horror, comedy and a pinch of soft core porn for flavor. We thought that it would be better for you to explore it on your own and make friends with this interesting group.

As for the generosity that I was referring to, these scoundrels have also offered up an exclusive download prepared specifically for Vectorvault – and just in time for Halloween. Before you throw it in your sack and run to the next house, take a moment to give thanks.


Mansplat Magazine

Mansplat Blog

Mark Anthony Media – Logos

Mark Anthony is one of our most active Anchorpoint members. He has recently updated his site and we wanted to let you know about it. Here are a few examples sof his logos designs from his new gallery. Take a moment to browse these new galleries and learn more about his services. Thanks for keeping us updated Mark.

mark anthony media logos

mark anthony media logos


“Mark Anthony Media was founded by Mark Anthony Rudder in January 2002 while still in school at Sheridan College in Oakville, Ontario. While in school Mark had started doing work for a music video and film production company and at the same time doing freelance work for his own clients. At that time, Mark was creating logos, websites, DVD’s, multimedia CD’s and more for clients while learning the tools in school. Mark was the only student in his class learning new techniques each day and applying it to actual paying projects. While other students were struggling to finish homework, Mark was finishing his homework, finishing actual paying projects and making his clients money. Mark had developed a unique ability to learn new techniques at a rapid pace and then being able to apply them for his clients.

Mark Anthony Media now is an organization that services clients worldwide and is known for its innovative and efficient media solutions that companies not only want, but need — to bring their companies into consistent profitability.

Our company specializes in what we call Holistic Style Branding. Holistic Style Branding refers to the consolidation of interrelated mediums ranging from corporate branding, graphic design, multimedia, web site design and programming, web hosting, music production, video editing & motion graphics, advertising, marketing, photography, illustration, printing and fashion design.”

*Source: Mark Anthony Media