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Christmas Vectors – FREE VECTOR SAMPLES

HO HO HOLIDAY VECTORS – ‘Tis the Season for vector art

Everyone knows that Christmas is heading this way like a galloping herd of reindeer. There is no stopping it. And as a designer / vector illustrator, regardless of your own faith, one thing is for sure: At some point someone will be asking you to designs something for the holidays.
Move through your projects with some Holiday designs that were developed to save you time and money.

Check out VECTORVAULT’s own jolly Vector Christmas pack. Surely there is something here to put in your stocking:

free christmas vectors

free christmas vectors




Oh, and in case I forget: Happy Holidays.


Well, ladies and gentlemen, you heard the man. It’s time to step things up and become the change you wish to see in the world.
Start by picking up our latest Barack Obama vector collection. It consists of 25 royalty-free illustrations inspired by this modern icon.

2009 will be filled with Obama imagery. From t-shirts to coffee mugs to art installations. Get ahead of the pack with these stylish vector illustrations and logos. Make your own products and capitalize on the phenomenon that is Barack Obama.

Each well crafted vector illustration is also sold individually so that you can find the right fit for your next project. 


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At last, the long awaited “dynamic duo” of vector art collections is finally released to the public. VECTORVAULT ZETA and VECTORVAULT ETA are available for purchase from the VECTORVAULT store at an incredible price. Both collections have been crafted by a team of award winning designers and vector illustrators to give you the advantage. Whether you are building a logo, creating an illustration, website or animation – VECTORVAULT unlocks your creativity with useful tools. Own the Deluxe Edition (250 images each – plus 25 bonus images at no charge) or select individual chapters (of 50 – plus 5 bonus images) to suit your needs.Click on the images below to see what each collection contains:  

   zeta_store_header.gif  eta_store_header.gif


 Each VECTORVAULT file (Adobe Illustrator .eps ver. 9) is catalogued with a thumbnail reference directory that makes finding what you need easy and efficient. All VECTORVAULT vector collections are catalogued by number and come with thumbnail references so that you can find what you need when you need it.


As an added bonus, if you are already an ANCHORPOINT member (as of April 22, 2008) you have already been sent a discount coupon. Check your mail for this limited time offer. Act now and save an additional 20% off of these or any other VECTORVAULT products. This offer is only valid until Monday April 28, 2008 so do not hesitate.