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Geometric Vector Illustrations of London 2012 Olympics by Charis Tsevis

Athens, Greece
Visual designer Charis Tsevis is a world renowned vector illustrator with a dynamic body of work to show for it. This latest series is a set of 6 vector illustrations for Yahoo!’s coverage of the London 2012 Olympic Games.
If the assignment was to capture the brilliant energy and colour of competition, then it’s safe to say that this deserves a gold. Well done.
See the rest in the series here.
*Source: mymodernmet
Charis Tseviswebsite
Learn more about this exceptional visual designer here. Continued…

SIREN by Hong Yu Cheng

Taipei, Taiwan

Undersea Creativity

Every so often, an artist comes along that just takes your breath away. Hong Yu Cheng is just such a person. Siren is a digital image that stopped us dead in our tracks here at Vectorvault. Like many of Yu Cheng Hong’s characters, she feels so real and alive. That’s what makes it, and his portfolio so special.
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Cam’t get enough? Here are some more of his characters:
Gaming Character Designs by Yu Cheng Hong

Vector Illustrations – Bad Dudes – Adam Sidwell

Adam Sidwell took weekly requests to illustrate “Bad Dudes” from all the different corners of pop culture. The results speak for themselves.



Vectorvault Newsletter September 2011

Autumn is a “Season of Change”. And here at Vectorvault, the leaves are certainly turning colours.
Once again, we have raked up some fine examples of vector art innovation and creativity.
We hope that they inspire you to express yourself in creative ways. Enjoy.

Check it out


Everybody loves free vector downloads. But just giving them away without a fight seems a little easy. That’s why we’ve created a little “Easter Egg Hunt” for you.
Hidden in the July Issue of The Vectorvault Newsletter are 8 vector downloads. All you have to do is do a little digging to find them. Along the way, we would appreciate a few comments and tweets.

So what are you waiting for? Go get ’em!

8 free vector downloads

8 free vector downloads


Vector Animation – Sound Waves (video)

A dynamic journey of sound visualized dimensionally by motion artist Organic.

(Video) Droog Milan 2011 – Design for download


Droog has developed an innovative system that allows consumers to download digital plans for furniture to be produced locally. A concept that really strikes a chord with those looking to reduce waste and cost without giving up style.

This could be the start of something very interesting. But why stop at furniture? What other products could benefit from this format?


Inspiration – Matthew Leibowitz, 1965.

In the mid-60s, General Dynamics commissioned American graphic artist Matthew Leibowitz (1918-1974) to create a public relations film to attract potential employees in such areas as mathematics, engineering, physics, aerodynamics and aeronautics. The artist integrated the symbols of the fields of research to present the concepts in a highly abstract manner. The film titles were also used in lectures on aeronautics and space research.

Matthew Leibowitz is best known for creating designs that displayed an intuitive visual intelligence. Born in Philadelphia, he set up his freelance business in 1942. Firms he worked with included Container Corporation of America, General Electric, IBM and RCA. His work is displayed in a number of museums. More about Leibowitz can be found in this essay from The University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Matthew Leibowitz, A Legendary Modernist.

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