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(Video) Etereas / Animation Short film by Flaminguettes

Vector Art + Modern Dance = Beautiful.


(VIDEO) SUNSET by Cento Lodigiani

SUNSET from cento lodigiani on Vimeo.

Sunset is a beautiful animation by Cento Lodigiani capturing the beauty of the fading sun using black, red and black vector animated shapes.

(Video) Street Fighter Motion Sculptures

Street Fighter Motion Sculptures from dantheadman on Vimeo.


(Video) Shave it by 3dar Studios

Animated short film by 3dar Studios. Based on a true story.

(VIDEO) FOTB Titles by Süperfad

Superfad gets Magnetic

Titles for FOTB were created by Nando Costa through the use of macro motion pictures and materials with magnetic properties.
The choice of materials was driven by the desire to graphically represent the concepts of attraction and repulsion. The idea that graphic artists of all sorts attend events such as FOTB because they are inspired and therefore attracted to each other’s work, while at the same time often competing in the same fields as peers, which represents the repulsion factor.
Music by Darrin Wiener – & Marcelo Baldin –

(VIDEO) Evolution of the F1 Car by Rufus Blacklock

(VIDEO) Evolution of the F1 Car by Rufus Blacklock

Süperfad Creative Director Nando Costa created this year’s Flash On The Beach titles utilizing macro motion photography and magnetic properties. Silver toned and achingly beautiful, the piece and selected materials represent attraction and repulsion. Now in its fifth year, FOTB is taking place this week, September 26th – 29th in Brighton, UK and features presentations from design luminaries from around the world. Each year graphic artists attend FOTB because they are inspired and attracted to each other’s work, while simultaneously competing with peers and experiencing opposition or resistance. It is this duality that informed Costa’s title treatment now being shown at the conference.

Alla Kinda – Vector illustration and Animation


Alla Kinda is a vector illustration and animation collective that has our full attention. Just how good are they?
Just look at this guy strut:
all kinda vector art


(Video) Paperman – Full Animated Short Film – Disney

Paperman was featured in 2012 ahead of Wreck-it Ralph. In many ways, I enjoyed it more than the feature. Enjoy:

Jim Hill is an award-winning entertainment writer who lives in New Boston, NH. Over the past 30 years, he has interviewed hundreds of veterans of the animation & themed entertainment industry and written extensively about The Walt Disney Company.
Jim is currently working on a behind-the-scene history of the development & construction of Disneyland. For his more immediate musings on movies, TV shows, books and theme parks, please check out his blog,

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Get a closer look at the technology and technique behind it:


(Video) The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

by Alex Trimpe
This video speaks for itself.


Alex is a recent graduate of CCAD, and his focus is motion graphics.