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Toyota Tundra pulling a Space Shuttle (Wallpaper)


The battle amongst full-size pickup trucks from Ford, Chevy and Ram is as close to a bloodsport as the auto industry has, but now it might be Toyota that gets the last laugh in the tonnage towing race. In what should prove to be the mother of all publicity stunts, a showroom-stock 2012 Toyota Tundra will tow the space shuttle Endeavour to its final resting place at the California Science Center.

How exactly does a bone-stock, half-ton pickup tow almost 300,000 pounds, you ask? A quarter mile at a time using a specially designed rig.

Endeavour will be towed 12 miles from Los Angeles International Airport to the museum on October 13, and the Tundra will hitch up to the shuttle for the last quarter mile of the trip. The towing rig was made specifically for this event, allowing the full-size Tundra to pull almost 30 times its regular towing capacity. Toyota says that the truck used to tow Endeavour will be a stock V8 Tundra with no enhancements or modifications.

The Endeavour exhibit opens at the California Science Center on October 30, joining other airplanes and spacecraft including the capsule from the Gemini 11 mission. The Tundra that tows the shuttle will remain on display at the museum as well.

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(VIDEO) Wallpaper* chocolate by Marou and Rice Creative

This brand just melts in your mouth

I love chocolate. I said it.

Chocolate Branding reaches it’s pinnacle

A big thanks to one of our favourite resources NOTCOT, for bringing us another excellent Vector Packaging feature. Old-school craftsmanship is alive and well. Vector Art is the bridge between art and design. Holding up the principals of good vector packaging and product design is Rice Creative. They have been on the Vectorvault Radar for some time now.

Delicious Design

Watch this amazing video that captures the passion of this product. Big brands take notice. From start to finish, this product is perfection. There is real care and love that can never be duplicated by a factory robot. For many of us, it’s the reason we got into this design business in the first place.

So take my advice. Break off a piece of fine cocoa and a coffee, and indulge in this delectable treat:


Dark and Lovely

If that doesn’t make you feel like raising your game today, I don’t know what will.


Non-believers, you can check the steps

Vector Art allows flexibility. For an age of multiple touch points and mediums, it only makes sense to be the weapon of choice for many designers. But to see it merged seamlessly into all manner of printing (old and new), tells me that this is where things are heading. Do you agree?
Rice Creative understands the process, and has selected the right tools to assemble it.

Adobe Creative Suite Shortcut Wallpapers


Even the best of them could use a few shortcuts every now and then. The team down at Hongkiat has assembled wallpapers in 1024×768, 1024×1024 (iPad), 1280×800, 1280×1024, 1440×900, 1680×1050, 1920×1200 and 2560×1440 to help you save time. When it comes to design, isn’t that what it’s all about?

Source: Notcot via tagoartwork

Designers can work hours into the night to produce their best work for clients, their portfolio or their pet projects. To make the process easier, most would use shortcut keys on their regular design and development tools particularly Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Flash, to expediate the process. You can be sure that they are not going to go back to the traditional (and slower) click-and-search methods.

That is why you can find tons of cheatsheets on the Web, designed to help designers and developers make better use of their time – in producing their masterpieces, not looking through the rows and rows of commands for the right action.


Coloring book wallpaper

Ninteenseventythree have just produced some great wallpaper, 1000cm x 52cm roll, that you can colour in for yourself. They retail at £40-£45 (depending on the shop) and can currently be found in The Ikon Gallery (Birmingham), London Graphic Centre, Oliver Bonas (London), Pussy (Brighton), Snowhome (York), Here Shop (Bristol), Junk Funk, Nice, Oblong, Lapstone, Oklahoma, the Tate galleries (London and Liverpool), Baltic (Newcastle) and many more places.

Buy the wallpaper online here.

Also check out the VECTORVAULT : STORE for more exciting vector based products.
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Nelson Balaban – XTRAPOP wallpapers


Nelson Balaban is an experimental artist with an imagination that is ferocious. His portfolio is a mixture of high powered brands and artistic explorations. Each piece is different from the other but equally beautiful. We cannot say enough about the craftsmanship that goes into each. He makes typography fun and alive much like a graffiti artist – only digital.

Here is a piece called XTRAPOP. Nelson has been kind enough to provide it in wallpapers that you can use to dress up your screen. Take a close look at the detail.

* Wallpaper versions available here : 1024×768 | 1280×960 | 1600×1200 | 1680×1050