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Vectorvault has always been a de-militarized zone. We hate War, Violence and Guns. If you have a problem with that – You can step.


Ready. Aim. Fire!

Vector Tank – Royalty Free

War sucks. There’s no doubt about that. However, war imagery seems to be in high demand. Unfortunately, here is our take on it.

How about some doves people?

Vector Illustrations – BOMbirds by Camilo Carmona

Barcelona, Spain

Camilo Carmona has designed three stunning illustrations in Adobe Illustrator CS5 that match deadly weapons with beautiful birds.
See the entire series here.

More from this artist.


Vectorvault Guns is a robust collection of vectorized firearms. From detailed, full-color illustrations to iconic silhouettes – this collection is armed for battle.

Here at Vectorvault we don’t support gun violence or the promotion of weapons of any kind. This collection is intended for artistic purposes. Use your powers for good.

FREE SAMPLES for the taking. Go get ’em “hot shot”.


The United States Air Force has a lethal arsenal of weaponry at it’s disposal. However, they also have a database of vector art that’s pretty great as well.

In addition to these missiles, this link is also armed with several vector based graphics that just might come in handy. Check it out.

Looking for military hardware? Look no further. The Vectorvault War Collection is just plain deadly.

GET YOUR WAR ON – weekly animated series

Whether you are a fan of David ReesGet Your War On or not, this comic has gained some underground popularity. So much so that it has been generated into a weekly animated series on 23/ We must admit, some of these comics go right over our heads. However, the animation style is pretty simple and appealing.

“You’ve read the Get Your War On comic strips by David Rees. They’ve probably caused you to puke on yourself once or twice due to involuntary laughter. Now Get Your War On is an animated video, and 23/6 has it exclusively. Check out this promo, and look for new GYWO videos on 23/6 every week.”

– 23/6

*Source: 23/6

GLOBAL ARMS – vectorized interactive map

Stockholm, Sweden – is a data visualization project that shows international arms transactions between 1950 and 2006. The site (a big ole Java applet) was created by Jeffrey Warren of Vestal Design, based on data from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Click on the map to see just how bad things are getting.

global arms traffic animation flash vector art vectorvault
*(source) Boing Boing