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(Video) Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan

Clever Solutions to a Serious Water Problem

This film was short but informative. I found it interesting how Copenhagen plans to handle this problem. In the long run with all the blue and green layers to delay water consumption, it could be more of a blessing than a problem for the people of Copenhagen. The Vector Animation made the concept easy to understand. Good luck Copenhagen!

The Copenhagen Climate Adaptation Plan was nominated for INDEX: Award for it’s innovative approach to water disbursal. Take a look at this clever animation that breaks it all down.

The goal of the CAP is to act in time, so we can choose the right places to act and the most appropriate measures, so that Copenhagen will be a safe and attractive major city to live in and invest in, in the future as well – even with a changing climate

Stylish Lures – Eric Erickson

Even fish appreciate great design I suppose.
Until now, most fishing tackle was designed by some dude in hip waders at the cottage. Now, Eric Erickson is taking that art to new heights with lures that appeal to aquatic art lovers as well.

These lures called “POPPERS” may not be popping up all over the tackle shop this season, but rest assured – fish with good taste do not stand a chance. Beware.

“The lures I create are meant to symbolize a modern Trojan Horse. The intent is to entice, engage, and captivate the mind of the observer. They exemplify a time of intimacy with our weaknesses as a consumer. From fast-food to fashion, I enjoy studying why people buy and consume the things they do and the way they do it.”

Get hooked on the entire series here.

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