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CANADA DAY FLYER – Using Vectorvault vectors

Toronto, Canada

Canada Day is a special time for many in the Great White North. On one hand it is a national celebration of this great country, and on the other hand it’s a terrific excuse for a great party.Our friends at United Force Productions have always used this occasion to throw some of the most legendary events. This year is no exception.

What has caught our attention this year is that they have chosen to design their invitations using the VECTORVAULT vector collection. The result’s speak for themselves.

“We needed to put together a flyer that would turn some heads, but we also needed to do it fast. The Vectorvault series we purchased really helped out. It was affordable, easy to use, fast to download and the quality was great. We’re really happy with the results. Highly recommended.”

Brent Richardson

United Force Productions

We are flattered. Thanks, and great job fellas!

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