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Vector Art – Flamenco by Cris Vector

Cris Vector is one of our favourite vector illustrators. He has established a reputation for creating stunning images one anchor point at a time.
Here is an excellent example of his talent. This piece is called Flamenco:


Here is a whimsical vector illustration of a happy couple. It’s created in a cartoon style with vibrant colors.

Red Cat Tattoo by Esteban Dido  


Imitation is one of the best forms of flattery (as long as it does not cross the line between homage and copyright infringement). 

24 year old Esteban Dido has created this incredible portrait based on the photography of Lithium Picnic‘s shot of this sexy tattooed model. Both are great.

Esteban has concentrated his efforts on getting the hair just right and those eyes just tear right into you. We’ve come across many vectorized portraits of models. This one manages to maintain the audience’s attention.

Please take your time to learn more about:

Esteban Dido and
Lithium Picnic

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Foxy Font Females by Ink Finger

These four striking portraits of women are composed entirely of type from particular fonts.

The Baskerville model, drawn from a font designed in 1757, is the boldest and proudest of the four.

ink finger font female women portraits typography vector free vector files download free vectorvault anchorpoint

“No letterform has been skewed, stretched, flipped or any other bastardizing technique,” says Matt Sutter, the American artist behind the portraits.

“So the letters are pure as the driven snow.”

Mr Sutter, from Philadelphia, is selling prints of the images from his website.

*Source: Telegraph via: Nolan Interactive

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