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(VIDEO) RasTa – Movie Poster

UPDATE – RasTa Live Event

On Saturday September 10, 2011 I was asked to speak about the design surrounding the film. It turned out to be one of the highlights in my career as an artist. I wanted to share it with you.

* Please read my speech at the bottom of this post.

Toronto, Ontario,

Adam Jarvis – At long last, I have completed a very important project. I wanted to share it with you and hopefully get some feedback. In turn, perhaps you could pass it on to someone who might dig it. It would mean allot to me. Thanks.


When I was approached by Len Henry of Fashcam to work on a logo for a featured length documentary about RasTafari – I was very honoured. Working closely with Len and Corwin Hall of Yaudie, we developed a logo that captured the spirit of the movement.

This project presented a grand opportunity for me to educate myself on the religion. What I was not expecting, was to reach such artistic depths within myself. It pushed me to create something, then elevate it into a “work of art”.

A large bulk on my creativity ends up here on Vectorvault. It is my lover letter to vector art and my favourite software Adobe Illustrator. But this project required me to activate the Photoshop side of my brain as well.

With countless layers and textures, this poster finally came to fruition. “It” let me know when “it” was finished.

As a Creative Director with over 16 years behind me, I can honestly say that this project was far more enjoyable than any “ad” I have ever done. I enjoyed the process of reading faces and revealing the story through images…

Interested is learning more? Continued…


Toronto, Canada –

At Vectorvault, we are constantly on the look out for brands that stand for something. It’s easy to say it, but often times large apparel manufacturers are more focused on quantity rather than quality. This is not the case here.

Yaudie (yaw-dee) is a line of quality apparel designed and produced by Toronto’s own Corwin Hall. A talented individual and a gentlemen among scoundrels.

Corwin and I met by chance. We were teamed up to work on the branding for RASTA – A Soul’s Journey. I got a great impression from him as a creative individual with a flare for collaboration. It most certainly gave the project advantage but also gave me some insight into his attention for detail. He treated the subject matter of Rastafari seriously, forgoing cliché approaches in favour of a regal representation. Why? Respect of course.

Yaudie is a rare blend of classic 70’s Jamaican cool with modern urban sensibilities. It’s a recipe that has struck a cord internationally with many celebrities, sports figures and individuals (like you) with great taste. Put your support behind this maverick label. Investigate the line for yourself. You will certainly turn a few heads.