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“Dragon” by Shingo Shimizu for Air Canada flights to China

As Air Canada sets its sights on China, Toronto’s own Shingo Shimizu takes this mythical beast from pencil sketch to well-crafted vector illustration.

Gardening – Applying the Entrepreneurial Spirit to Nature


When Mother Nature sends you a friend request –
Accept it.

Entrepreneurs take chances. They roll the dice. They plant seeds and keep an eye on things. Applying these principals to growing something can do marvellous things for your mental and physical health. Not to mention a few raised eyebrows from the lady who walks her dog by your house every day.


Social Networking from the Heavens

Working from Home is not for everyone. But for those who make it work, the things you have to do, slowly become the things that you want to do. Not sure how. They just do.
A little time in “the dirt” gives your professional passions that positive “bump” when you need it the most.
Even “chores” like cleaning the garage, or raking some leaves, become little customized puzzles that lead to great rewards and feelings of self-accomplishment. It’s all in how you look at it. Adjust your perspective accordingly.
You will also find that it clears some of the clutter in your mind, making you more prepared to tackle other challenges.

Luck favours the prepared


(video) LEGO – Augmented Reality Retail Displays

Toronto, Canada

lego augmented reality
Yesterday, my daughter pulled me into a Lego Store to show me this incredible retail display that had me playing like a kid.
So smart. So innovative, and a perfect match for a product that is anchored in our memories as a brand who believes in creativity. Well done Lego.

Basically, you just hold up a box to the camera-equipped monitors and the product comes to life before your eyes. My daughter thought it was cool and walked away. I stood there like I was looking into the future. One single, nerdy tear running down my cheek.


lego augmented reality

vector lego

JouJou: A Curious Boutique for Toys and Treats

JouJou: A Curious Boutique for Toys and Treats.

JouJou: A Curious Boutique for Toys and Treats.

JouJou: A Curious Boutique for Toys and Treats

The Grand America is a luxury hotel in Salt Lake City, UT. With 775 rooms, the 24-story hotel is one of the select few to earn the title of AAA Five Diamond Hotel. Apart from fancy rooms with “Murano crystal chandeliers, handcrafted Richelieu furniture, English wool carpets, Carrera Italian marble, and the finest fabrics,” the hotel features a handful of high-end stores, including the brand new JouJou: A Curious Boutique for Toys and Treats. Local firm Struck was in charge of developing this whole new little world.

jou jou candy store

jou jou candy store - click above for larger view


Take a look at Monsterpiece theatre. An imaginative approach to retail interaction with children. What a great idea:


(VIDEO) Swedish House Mafia – Greyhound

I’m not sure what this is. Is it a music video or an Absolut commercial? You decide. One thing is for certain, it’s a galloping treat for the eyes. Even if Swedish House Mafia is not your cup of tea, this video has certainly caught our attentions. We love the vector interface design.


Vector Spotlight : Salt and Pepper : Porter Airlines

Toronto, Canada

You already know how we feel about Porter Airlines. We love the style of this Canadian Brand.
When other carriers are “phoning it in“, Porter takes service back the good ol’ days when travel itself was an adventure. And it works.

They make it fun. They celebrate destinations like Chicago with the right temperament of music and delightful vector animation. Toronto’s own Salt and Pepper are responsible for this charming spot, with social media touch points and apps to really make it fly.

Salt and Pepper:

A client referred Porter to us, with our initial assignment to create a single animation showcasing a new flight route. On the success of that piece, we were commissioned to create a series of animations to increase the strength of the Porter brand online, and send audience engagement soaring. Even with all the travel we put Mr. Porter through, he always arrives happy and ready for his next adventure – just like Porter’s passengers.

We wrote about Porter back in 2009, and then followed up again in 2011 when Vectorvault Members asked for an update. It’s a David and Goliath story that really gives faith to younger brands. They have successfully competed on service, price and marketing with some tough airlines. The cherry on top is an advertising campaign that consumers actually like and notice. In the North American Travel Market, that is no easy task.

The entire brand positioning is so well thought out and tailored to an audience that adores it. They keep it in step with friendly vector illustrations and clear messaging. Someone did their homework.

Now, if there is one thing that most people know about Torontonians, it is that
We are at war with the Racoons.
Of all the mascots they could have chosen, it took guts to go with a “nightime garbage bandit” to represent their brand. In Toronto, that’s risky. But it works. And although it is against my blood oath to say this:
That little racoon is adorable” – There. I said it.
Perhaps one day there will be peace among our peoples.

Now, I’m biased because our home base is also Toronto. Plus, we’re nuts about vector animation in general. It’s a one two punch. We could not resist.
This year, we have seen some incredible work come out of this city. This brand just so happens to be one of our favourites. One thing is for certain: We have Salt and Pepper on the Vectorvault Radar. You should too. Great work.


Porter flights take off from the heart of Toronto’s business and tourism districts. Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport provides an unrivaled advantage for quick, easy, first class access for pilots and passengers.
If you are traveling in or out of Toronto, check with Porter first.
Unfortunately, traveling in style like this may just spoil you. You have been warned.

Watch the video from this 2009 Vectorvault post. Porter knows a few things about what makes travellers “tick”:

*PLEASE NOTE: ALL of Porter Airlines identity and branding was provided by Wink Creative

RasTa at the ROM – Visual design for The Royal Ontario Museum

By Adam Jarvis
Creative Director, VECTORVAULT

This Summer I was very honoured to be asked to work on the movie poster and emblem for a documentary called “RasTa – A Soul’s Journey“. Donisha Prendergast is the Grand Daughter of the legendary Bob Marley, and her travels have taken her to the four corners of the world to discover the roots of RasTafari.

“We are pleased and proud to be a part of such an innovative program,” said ROM representatives, Dr. Julian Siggers and Dr. Silvia Forni, who pushed the initiative forward. “It is important to us to be a leader and make a contribution to the Black community”.

Vectorvault has been called upon once again to develop visuals for an Exhibit at The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto during the month of February for Black History Month. Once again, I am thrilled to be a part of it. Here is the design for the invitation:

rasta at the rom

The technique for this design was created using vector art. Learn more about it here.
This project requires a certain level of style and sophistication. Yet still have the flexibility to translate across several mediums. All of the imagery was drawn from The Vectorvault Vector Library. I wanted to make sure that it could live with the visual design of the film. I learned allot about the importance of symbolism from Tyson Brown. A RasTa himself with a passion for world history and the significance of RasTafari within it. He kept me on track.

If you are in Toronto during February, please visit The ROM and explore the rich history surrounding this mysterious and often misunderstood religion.

It’s been a great experience…