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The Converted – Measurement Conversion App by Ideon

Size does not define a project.
The accuracy to build it properly does

– Oslo, Norway

Measurements are important in life. And you already know where we stand on Vector Art and it’s role in displaying information. Ideon understands this.

Mathematics is the language of the Universe.
Naturally, vector based info graphics provide the crispness required to display the differences between two measurement formats.

Whatever you do for a living – You need this.

The Converted Measurement Conversion App from Ideon - Norway

The Converted Measurement Conversion App from Ideon - Norway


Automatic – Smartphone Car Diagnostic


Plug it in - Get a reading

The doctor is in

By simply connecting your car and your smartphone, you can get a full auto check up along with several features that will make your driving experience that much smoother.
Works with any model manufactured after 1996,