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Papercraft Pagani Zonda Supercars by VisualSpicer (VIDEO)

Ladies and Gentlemen, start your folding Do you have 9000 hours of free time on your hands? Do you love high performance race cars? – Well, do we have a project for you: Papercraft Pagani Zonda Replicas With 3 stylish colours to choose from, these highly detailed paper models capture the passion for high end [...]

Waste Not Want Not – Eco friendly bag from Lee

Allot of thought has gone into this simple retail bag. It’s more than just a means to carry home a pair of Lee jeans. It also has life well beyond the sale. Creative application and a positive branding message about the company’s environmental stance. Very fun. “With the relevance of eco-friendly initiatives increasing every day, [...]

Free Papercraft Download – Mister Black Tee

Vectorvault Behance Group Member Olivier Fritsch Gomez has developed this amazing paper toy. I pity the fool who does not download it because it’s free sucka! Join us on Behance.

Papercraft Millennium Falcon


FREE DOWNLOAD – papercraft HELLBOY revolver

There are a few things that I know about Japan: They are the second largest economy in the world, half of their energy comes from petroleum, their population is estimated at about 127 million people and they are the largest exporter of papercraft. That’s right papercraft. Look at this craziness: Someone over there actually put [...]

Happy Thanksgiving – papercraft turkey

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Anchorpoint members. This time of year has traditionally brought out the best in people. The spirit of giving is alive an well here at Vectorvault as we invite you to carve up this delicious download. We give thanks for this succulant papercraft turkey. So don’t just sit there. [...]

FREE DOWNLOAD – NORTON papercraft bots

In order to raise awareness about the various malicious bots looking to colonize your computer via the net, Symantec/Norton have whomped up a couple of downloadable cute malware papercraft bots for you to cut, fold and glue. Available are the Identity Theft Bot and the Extortion Bot. Link.     “Bot” is short for robot—but [...]

FREE DOWNLOAD – Pinhole camera

Readymech, the originators of the papercraft toy craze, brings you READYCAM, flatpack paper pinhole cameras that work with normal 35mm film. Check out the user-submitted photos in the galleries and choose from the several camera designs.   *Source:    

Ultra-realistic papercraft motorcycle – Yamaha MT-01



Cubeecraft papercraft toys are FREE to download. Each toy features interlocking tabs for construction – eliminating the need for tape, glue or other messy adhesives. To download click on the model you would like then save the template image. Each toy is designed to be printed on a standard piece of 8 1/2 X 11 [...]

PAPER CRAFT STEAK- Oragami for meat lovers

Seeing as rising food and fuel prices may make steak an unattainable luxury for all but the wealthiest people in the future, it’s good to know that at least there will be paper craft steaks to fill that sucking void that will be left on our plates—much the way poverty-stricken peasants in inland China used [...]


Rob Nance created this do-it-yourself posable paper Hasselhoff. It was commissioned by Stuff Magazine, but they never used it. Now we are well aware of the never-ending debate as to which was David Hasselhoff‘s most memorable character. Theatrical scholars have been violently arguing over this issue for years. Finally someone has settled this with a [...]

READYMECH – FREE folded funke

Readymech offers an entire series of FREE flatpack toys for you to print and build. Each one is designed to be printed on 8.5″ x 11″ paper on any type of printer. Click on the images below to link directly to the pdf files. You’ll need double sided tape, preferably thick matte paper and some [...]

STOP! – Mallet Time!

Annandale, Australia – The MC Mallet by Vert Design is a small sheet of pre-cut plywood. When disassembled from it’s flat form and reassembled according to design, it makes a working hammer. The mallet can be used for woodworking, cooking, assembling furniture or as a toy. There is something very creative and efficient about this [...]

Papercraft AT-AT


POSEABLE POPE – Free download

Vatican City, Rome – This is not a not a knock at religion. We apologize in advance. But this is a really well done paper cut out doll of Pope Benedict XVI. Swap his papal hat for a grand puba water buffalo helmet and you’re ready to save some souls. Great little details.If you’ve got [...]

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