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Solid Garage – 11 Year Anniversary Flyer

For over 11 years, Solid Garage has become one of the most successful social events in Canada. Each month, hundreds of underground music lovers flock to hear some of the best international djs and live performers. This design was created to celebrate over a decade of incredible experiences.

Although this is event is long gone, I still really love the way that this one turned out. Simple and elegant – just like the events themselves.



CANADA DAY FLYER – Using Vectorvault vectors

Toronto, Canada

Canada Day is a special time for many in the Great White North. On one hand it is a national celebration of this great country, and on the other hand it’s a terrific excuse for a great party.Our friends at United Force Productions have always used this occasion to throw some of the most legendary events. This year is no exception.

What has caught our attention this year is that they have chosen to design their invitations using the VECTORVAULT vector collection. The result’s speak for themselves.

“We needed to put together a flyer that would turn some heads, but we also needed to do it fast. The Vectorvault series we purchased really helped out. It was affordable, easy to use, fast to download and the quality was great. We’re really happy with the results. Highly recommended.”

Brent Richardson

United Force Productions

We are flattered. Thanks, and great job fellas!

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Soul Husters Convention – Poster

Toronto, Canada

Soul Hustlers Convention has been hammering out social events for several years now. Each party has an all-star line up of recognized djs. This image was commissioned for the poster, flyer and email advertisements. This collective of talented promoters and producers have been long time fans of vector art. They have adopted this style for many of their other events (Love Sensation, New Years 2007 ) and plan to continue supporting the art in the future.




Toronto, Canada

Rogers Wireless put on a free concert in Toronto at the corner of Portland and Queen St. West on a beautiful sunny August afternoon. The event was put together by our good friends at The Hive. It was a refreshing break from the regular work week activities of the city, and attracted hundreds of young music lovers just by word of mouth and these posters spread across the city.


The price of admission was an old record album, tape or 8 track. Then they piled them all into a dumpster and exploded them to the delight of screaming 18 year olds. I wept silently.

In addition to free food and drinks, Rogers also provided some incredible entertainment in the form of indie rock band Mobile . They did a fantastic job rocking the crowd and Rogers sold a few cell phones. But in the end, isn’t that what it’s all about?

New Years Eve – EVENT POSTER

Toronto, Canada –

There is no doubt that 2007 was an interesting year.
Disc12 Productions, Divine Interventions, United Soul and Tight Entertainment brought in the year with an incredible event that rocked Toronto to it’s foundation.This is the poster that launched that event. It was created using Vectorvault



Toronto, Ontario –

Disc12 Promotions, Divine Interventions and United Soul Promotions have produced a successful string of events in Toronto over the last few years. With djs Lonewolf and Groove Institute the event called for a creative calling card that would stand out. This is the result.

The name of the event was LOVE SENSATION. Based on the name of a song composed by Dan Hartman and performed by Loleatta Holloway.The event was a smash. No doubt, this lovely invite had something to do with capturing the attention of patrons.


*This flyer was created using the VECTORVAULT ™ Collection.