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The Power Ball XX: Carousal – Toronto – Giant Archway Entrance – The Power Plant

The Power Plant collaborates with fashion house Max Mara, for the fourth consecutive year, to present Toronto’s most notorious art party, Power Ball XX: Carousal.

Bompas & Parr designed the decor and Proprint Services Inc. did the print production and assembly of this large-format entrance archway. Read more about this project here.


The Leef – Paper yard bag insert

Support the Leef – Make yard work easier

Have you every wrestled with a paper yard waste bag in a light breeze?
It’s a pain. And it slows things down.
We’ve designed a solution.

Do you like it? Know someone who might?

Please share.


Apple Internal Newsletter


Sharing insight

Apple is one of the greatest brands in the world. Their market research team (WWCCI) is an impressive group with a unique perspective. Working on a newsletter design for them was a personal thrill.


Vector Video: What is Biodiversity?

Biodiversity – Vancouver Film School from Vancouver Film School on Vimeo.

Amanda Healey, Jesse Lang, Juan Carlos Arenas and Robert Ramalho from the Vancouver Film School’s Digital Design program have broken down the complex subject of biodiversity.
Great use of info-graphics and audio. I feel smarted after watching it.