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DEBTRIS – Visualizing debt through Tetris

International economics is a pretty tough thing to wrap your mind around. But thanks to this simple “TETRIS-style” animation, things become more clear. Bottom line: you thought it was bad – it’s actually much worse that you can ever imagine.


“Shop Vac” by Jonathan Coulton (Video)

Jonathan Coulton has created a song that captures suburban life. The video is a creative blend of typography and vector illustrations animated to match the music. Enjoy:

shop vac video

Free Papercraft Download – Mister Black Tee

Vectorvault Behance Group Member Olivier Fritsch Gomez has developed this amazing paper toy. I pity the fool who does not download it because it’s free sucka!

Join us on Behance.

Healthy Hounds Packaging by Paper Jam

Healthy Hounds Bakery produce a range of tasty treats for dogs using human-grade ingredients, no bad additives and are baked for easy digestion. Dogs like them too. The challenge in this instance was not with their product, but how it looked. Although in a fast growing market, the product wasn’t selling and ‘Big Brand’ competitors were beginning to monopolise the market share.

The brief for Paperjam was to identify a totally original way to position the product, to make it more attractive to an international market of dog lovers and to make sure it stood out on now crowded shelves. Everything had to be delivered within a strict timescale of 3 months, for launching at an international trade show.

Illustrations by Stray.

See more work by paperjam for Healthy Hounds Here.

Pretty Princess by Rebeca Tellez

pretty princess by Vicious Bitch Rebeca Tellez

Miami, Florida –

Rebeca has really captured our attention with this magnetic illustration called “Pretty Princess”. It’s dark and beautiful and just a little bit “pissed off”. Funny, that’s just the way I like my ex-girlfriends.
J’adore. What’s next Rebeca?



Vector Bob Marley portrait

bobmarley-wpap, originally uploaded by prayitnowidodo.

Bob Marley is the greatest superstar that this planet has ever known (take that Elvis). MJ came close, but Bob is on the level of a prophet not a pop star. His music transcends race, nationality and age.

Prayitnowidodo has created this amazing image that captures the smile that defined the Rastafari movement.

Great job.

The Evolution of Storage

Geekologie has created this amazing vector infographic that traces the history of data storage. This clever little diagram is broken down into 3 categories (music, photos and data), in a way that even a guy like me can understand. It’s amazing how far we have come in such a short span of time.

Click to enlarge:


Source: Geekologie via Boing Boing