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iLive Soulfest – Teaser

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(Video) Avengers Age of Ultron – User Interface design by Territory


User Interfaces are the texture of this film

Although, I did feel that the bad language did little to advance the plot, The Avengers sequel was pretty awesome. My two kids and I thought it was great.
The stunning technology sequences in this movie were the real star for me. And if there’s an Academy Award for user interface design, then expect to see the team at Territory in tuxedos. Wow.

All systems go.

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron UI Reel from Territory on Vimeo.

Pause to appreciate the detail


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Imaginarium by Anton Burmistrov

Anton Burmistrov Imaginarium

Anton Burmistrov Imaginarium

Anton Burmistrov transformed the glass door within his creative agency. Superb typesetting.


Martin Schmetzer – And is Better


Vector Typographic Illustrations for Ford Social

Martin Schmetzer has taken his passion for exquisite typesetting to an entirely new level. Team Detroit challenged him to create these custom pieces for Ford Social. The results speak for themselves.

“Focusing on Ford’s motto – ‘there are times when less is more.
And there are times when more is more’ – Schmetzer focused on creating a series of illustrations using the phrase ‘and is better‘.”

Via: creativebloq


the birth certificate redesigned

Your first document “Born Again”

When a little one comes into the world, graphic design is probably the last thing on your mind. But when you think about it: it’s the ultimate document. So why not take a reproach?


In a digital age it makes sense that such a document would have a digital form. But we felt it would lose the sentimental value of something that could be touched, loved and displayed. We agreed on a traditional hard copy, but one that paints a bigger picture of a person and when they were born. This could be accompanied by a dynamic digital file that could expand on this content.

Via Notcot

(VIDEO) FOTB Titles by Süperfad

Superfad gets Magnetic

Titles for FOTB were created by Nando Costa through the use of macro motion pictures and materials with magnetic properties.
The choice of materials was driven by the desire to graphically represent the concepts of attraction and repulsion. The idea that graphic artists of all sorts attend events such as FOTB because they are inspired and therefore attracted to each other’s work, while at the same time often competing in the same fields as peers, which represents the repulsion factor.
Music by Darrin Wiener – & Marcelo Baldin –

(VIDEO) Evolution of the F1 Car by Rufus Blacklock

(VIDEO) Evolution of the F1 Car by Rufus Blacklock

Süperfad Creative Director Nando Costa created this year’s Flash On The Beach titles utilizing macro motion photography and magnetic properties. Silver toned and achingly beautiful, the piece and selected materials represent attraction and repulsion. Now in its fifth year, FOTB is taking place this week, September 26th – 29th in Brighton, UK and features presentations from design luminaries from around the world. Each year graphic artists attend FOTB because they are inspired and attracted to each other’s work, while simultaneously competing with peers and experiencing opposition or resistance. It is this duality that informed Costa’s title treatment now being shown at the conference.