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(VIDEO) “Kinect Flock” by Alex Wolfe and Ray Lin

Using the Xbox Kinect to produce interactive art instead of logging 82 hours on a first person shooter game is commendable in of itself.
See what the outcome looks like here.

Developed using Cinder + OpenNI + NITE +Xbox Kinect


Sometimes, it just doesn’t need an explanation. Enjoy.

spider flash game vector art vectorvault

*Source: Vector Park

GLOBAL ARMS – vectorized interactive map

Stockholm, Sweden – is a data visualization project that shows international arms transactions between 1950 and 2006. The site (a big ole Java applet) was created by Jeffrey Warren of Vestal Design, based on data from Stockholm International Peace Research Institute. Click on the map to see just how bad things are getting.

global arms traffic animation flash vector art vectorvault
*(source) Boing Boing

GAME – Explore the “Guest house”

Tokyo, Japan

Mix up some Egyptian hieroglyphics, a space station, some unusual machinery, a suspended animation pod, and some chilled out music, and you get a point’n’click game called Guest House. How you arrive at that name, from that mix, is anyone’s guess, but that doesn’t stop this being a great game both visually and puzzle-wise. It is reminiscent of Futurama.

We’re not sure exactly how you “win” this game, however, we did spend a long time exploring this well rendered world. If you figure it out – give us a shout.

Play the game here.