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Drawing Perspective Vector Art in Adobe illustrator

Vectorvault is 10 – Chapter 6



Government Assistance

In spite of my efforts, I had been unsuccessful in finding funding for Vectorvault‘s Ultimate Search Engine (UVSE). So I turned to a government funded program that matched me with Niagara College to challenge their research department to build the Ultimate Vector Search Engine (UVSE).

Although, it was not a school that I had previously associated with tech development, I was thrilled at the notion of finally getting help. So I hit the road and headed for wine country.

Clear direction

I put together a crystal-clear briefing with all of the ingredients. Everything was labeled and easy to find. I presented this project to a young team who were all very excited and confident about building this unique search engine. I trusted a friend, far smarted than me to oversee it’s production and installation.

I was also asked to present Vectorvault to the marketing department and eventually as a project for second year marketing students. That made me feel really great. I’ve always wanted to pass my knowledge on. This turned out to be a very satisfying experience.

I assumed that the technical end of it would go just as well.


How to build a niche search engine with no money


Seamless Vector Patterns by Oksancia Pasishnychenko

Turning patterns from nature into profit

Groningen, Netherlands

Oksancia Pasishnychenko is just the kind of person that we look for. Fun, creative and passionate about vector art. Her line of incredible seamless vector patterns can be used to produce beautiful textiles and patterns for just about anything. Her iStock Portfolio has a wonderful blend of creative selections.

She loves what she does and it shows

Just listen to her talk about her designs. What I see here is a savvy young business woman with the soul of an artist and everyone down here at Vectorvault Headquarters thinks she’s just as cute as a button. : )

You can hear the honesty in her voice when she talks about her work. I bet that she’s the kind of person that finds inspiration in the most unusual places. We could all learn a thing or two about that.

Get to know the work of Oksancia

We love putting a spotlight on designers who are making a difference in the world of vector art. We believe Oksancia to be such a designer. We are watching her portfolio closely and trying to learn from her well-explained tutorials.

This is a designer who has taken hold of her future and used vector art to do it. I can’t think of a better collection to feature today. Oksancia, you are an inspiration to many. Good luck to you and don’t stop uploading to our Facebook and Behance Groups. We love your work. We’re fans! : )

Building a product line one pattern at a time


Want to know more about this talented vector artist?
Her story is Continued…

The “News” about Newsletters


Our patience will achieve more than our force.
– Edmund Burke (1729 – 1797)

Helpful learnings from several successful launches


Now, by no stretch of the imagination am I the newsletter guru. Every newsletter launch I do is a learning experience. I still make mistakes. It’s the only thing that qualifies me to write this post – my mistakes. And believe me, there are some doozies.

I have found, that with good strategy and a commitment to see things through, objectives can be met. Even in this challenging economy. But it’s getting more difficult each day. The “robots” are getting smarter and more paranoid about suspicious marketing. So you have to think one step ahead and work within very specific guidelines if you want to get through. I can help with that.

I’ve run a handful of newsletter campaigns. But the ones that I am the most proud of are the ones I did for AWASH Eco Systems, Miller Genuine Draft, Adidas, Visa, my own personal self-promotion mailers and of course Vectorvault (my baby).

Here’s what I’ve learned along the way:

Start with a solid mailing list


A solid mailing list is very important. If it’s not populated with the right targets, your beautiful newsletter may fall on deaf ears. So don’t bombard “Aunt Shelly” with your band’s latest video upload. It gets tired quick and it’s also not free. You pay for every delivery, so make it count. Your Piggy bank will thank you for it.

I use LinkedIn as a fine resource to network properly. But I also export my clients from my Freshbooks Account (highly recommended) as well as my store, my blog, my personal site and the handful of business cards that I pick up along the way. Having some kind of social media presence takes time. Start by setting yours up today. (I can help with that too)

Sort your contacts into groups. Organize those groups into categories that make sense. You may need to promote to several groups or be very targeted. It is time consuming in the beginning, but a real cost-saver down the road.

Jeff Nolan of Nolan Interactive set me up with a piece of online software called Interspire Email Marketer. I actually really like it. It has a very intuitive dashboard, great reporting and it plays nice with many other applications. My blog registration fills up on auto pilot, but I also reach out to artists every day encouraging them to sign up.

See who they are and learn how they behave.

Jeff has graciously thrown in an exclusive discount offer to help beef up this post a bit and get you excited about changing your communication strategy. Together, we offer cost effective ways to get it moving for you. Look into it:

*Thanks for the offer Jeff. It sure helped me out.



Vector Tutorial – Mailbox Icon

Here is another incredible tutorial from vector tuts. Laroslav Lazunov has a great way of making these steps easy to digest with great visuals and clear descriptions.
Take a shot at this one and you may surprise yourself. You may also pick up a couple of tricks that you can apply to your next illustration.

Source: Vector Tuts