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Proprint revamps Creative Department


Trade Show Display – Giant JVC RC 550 Radio – (VIDEO)

Proprint GlobalShop Chicago 2018 from Vectorvault on Vimeo.

This giant radio was structurally designed by Naush Ibrahim and Graphically designed by Adam Jarvis. It was printed at Proprint. Learn more here.



Vectorvault network flowchart

Outlining a path

When Vectorvault was being planned, we needed a roadmap. One that illustrated the connections between each property and the flow of traffic between them.


Whenever I lost sight of how everything was intended to come together, I simply referred to this chart.

Vectorvault Sitemap

vectorvault-sitemap-search-buy-vector-artunleash your fingers samsung galaxy

(Video) Avengers Age of Ultron – User Interface design by Territory


User Interfaces are the texture of this film

Although, I did feel that the bad language did little to advance the plot, The Avengers sequel was pretty awesome. My two kids and I thought it was great.
The stunning technology sequences in this movie were the real star for me. And if there’s an Academy Award for user interface design, then expect to see the team at Territory in tuxedos. Wow.

All systems go.

Marvel's Avengers: Age of Ultron UI Reel from Territory on Vimeo.

Pause to appreciate the detail


More video continued below:


Vectorvault is 10 – Chapter 6



Government Assistance

In spite of my efforts, I had been unsuccessful in finding funding for Vectorvault‘s Ultimate Search Engine (UVSE). So I turned to a government funded program that matched me with Niagara College to challenge their research department to build the Ultimate Vector Search Engine (UVSE).

Although, it was not a school that I had previously associated with tech development, I was thrilled at the notion of finally getting help. So I hit the road and headed for wine country.

Clear direction

I put together a crystal-clear briefing with all of the ingredients. Everything was labeled and easy to find. I presented this project to a young team who were all very excited and confident about building this unique search engine. I trusted a friend, far smarted than me to oversee it’s production and installation.

I was also asked to present Vectorvault to the marketing department and eventually as a project for second year marketing students. That made me feel really great. I’ve always wanted to pass my knowledge on. This turned out to be a very satisfying experience.

I assumed that the technical end of it would go just as well.


How to build a niche search engine with no money


Presentation Design Services

When you have a pitch that must capture an audience’s imagination

presentation design

For over 20 years we have been developing presentations that succeed

In order for a concept to transition into a real project, it needs to be sold. Finding the right audience is half the battle. Engaging that audience and getting them to sign on the dotted line is the rest of that journey. Thats what we do. We help convey ideas effectively to help you win business.

Who are we working with?

Great people. Interesting brands.


Apple Inc.






Macquarie Financial


Pitch to win

Getting to the essence of your message is key. If you can reveal it to us, we can illustrate it for you in a world-class presentation.
If the concept is sound, that will shine through in your delivery. We’ll make sure of it.
This year has been a tremendous one for our clients. We have been working with some incredible brands and some really smart people. We’re always interested in passing those successful learnings on to you.
Do you have an idea, a pitch a product that needs to be presented? Let’s talk.

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Apple Internal Newsletter


Sharing insight

Apple is one of the greatest brands in the world. Their market research team (WWCCI) is an impressive group with a unique perspective. Working on a newsletter design for them was a personal thrill.