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The right vector tool for the right project

Here is the perfect platform for a vector brand logo that wants to convey stability and reputation. Take a closer look:


Buy Vector Blue Metal Seal Ribbon

American Airlines – New Visual Identity – Futurebrand

American Airlines Branding Takes Off


It’s first facelift in over 45 years

Futurebrand has been challenged to visually modernize one of America’s most iconic brands.
American Airlines has unveiled this new Visual Identity. There was no doubt any change for a brand of this scale and history would be met with some polarizing opinions. Those conversations however, are creating one incredible side effect: Brand Awareness.
Futurebrand has done a marvellous job executing. Now, it belongs to the customers. What will they think.

What do you think?

Is it enough to re-energize the brand in this competitive landscape?
I suppose time will tell.
Start a conversation about wherever you like.

American Airlines is a brand that has stood the test of time. However, they knew that in order to move forward they had to bring their branding ahead as well.
This is no easy task for a brand this size. Especially when you break down the details required.
Rather than critique it. I’ve decided to let it prove itself. I’ll reserve judgement after it’s customers and employees have had time to adjust to it.



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Jeckl Website and Brand Book design

Toronto • Miami • Vienna

Jeckl Website Design

There are allot of agencies with big ideas out there. Allot of talk. Lots of theories on how to do a job right. Jeckl is not one of them. They build incredible brand experiences for tier one brands that really stand out.
Vectorvault was tasked to design a website that summarizes what they do. I soon learned, that’s not as easy as it sounds. Especially when your main product is fantasy.

The Original Logos of Tech Companies Were All Terrible

Via: Gizmodo

Yikes. Some of these logos are downright awful. Take a look at the rest here.
Thanks for this one Lonewolf.

Check out the development – well into the future.

apple logosmicrosoft logosibm logosibm logo

Graphic design is important. It changes the world because it changes how we see it. Very interesting to see how these brands blossomed along the way through change. That’s the way people should be too. Think about that.