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Brita Water Bottle Designs


I love projects like this.
Speed. Variety and a great group of work.

Adam Jarvis

Trade Show Display – Giant JVC RC 550 Radio – (VIDEO)

Proprint GlobalShop Chicago 2018 from Vectorvault on Vimeo.

This giant radio was structurally designed by Naush Ibrahim and Graphically designed by Adam Jarvis. It was printed at Proprint. Learn more here.



Mondel?z claims Back to School with striking Retail POS

Toronto, Canada,

All Aboard

The people behind Mondel?z International have ambitiously set their sites on the Back-to-school snack segment. A challenging shopping window, that requires strategic solutions, good timing and a little “magic“.
So when Mondel?z challenged Proprint with the task of maximizing their retail footprint, they knew that it would require an unconventional approach. An artistic one in fact that features the product intertwined with back to school imagery.


Beep. Beep.

A new school year brings with it a sense of excitement for parents and kids alike. This custom bus was engineered to feature 8 product bays and a vibrant graphic treatment. Making it not only functional, but interesting and engaging.

Bombay Sapphire Self-Illuminating Package by Yehrin Tong

Webb deVlam has created packaging for gin brand Bombay Sapphire that illuminates when the box is lifted off of the shelves. Absolutely brilliant (pardon the pun, but it’s appropriate here).


The packaging features a vector illustration by Yehrin Tong that has been produced in electroluminescent ink. The animated effect is created with the help of an electric current from a small battery at the bottom of the pack and a hidden mechanical switch is triggered when the packaging is picked up from the shelf. And Voila! –

Let there be light.

Bombay Sapphire Yehrin Tong electroluminescent Illuminating Package

Yehrin Tong has done an incredible job injecting new energy (literally) into this established brand.

About the artist:

After graduating from Central Saint Martins with a degree in graphic design, Yehrin designed artwork for independent music labels, working with artists she met while regularly haunting the underground club scene of London.Her main interests lie in creating illusory, eye-boggling patterns and typographical illustration. Work has encompassed billboards, taxi cabs, elaborate repeat patterns and embroidery prints for fashion, as well as typographic cover and editorial illustrations.Yehrin’s work is complex and intricate. Simple and minimal rarely come into her vocabulary.


Coca-Cola London 2012 Olympics by MWM Graphics


Thirst-quenching vector goodness

With The London 2012 Olympic Games in full swing, we just couldn’t resist featuring yet another incredible vector series from Matt W. Moore. His self-proclaimed style of vector funk is sweeping the globe currently. A tremendous achievement that reinforces our instincts that the future of design lies with vector art. Well done. Read more.
MWM Graphicsveer-buy-vectors-searchpro-print-services website

Jack Daniel’s Double Gold Medal Limited Edition Bottle Design

Jack Daniel's Double Gold Medal Limited Editionvia: The Dielinefotolia-buy-vectors-search

Cala Wine Bottle Packaging (Conceptual)

Bottoms up


Conceptual brand and packaging design for Cala a Spanish sparkling wine label.
Via: The Dieline

Cala” in Spanish means “cove”. The main characteristic that the logo tries to capture are fluid, continuous, and elegant. A custom type is created using angles formed by the shape of a star, with interlocking illustration of grapes formation under the type as integrated part of the logo.”


(VIDEO) Wallpaper* chocolate by Marou and Rice Creative

This brand just melts in your mouth

I love chocolate. I said it.

Chocolate Branding reaches it’s pinnacle

A big thanks to one of our favourite resources NOTCOT, for bringing us another excellent Vector Packaging feature. Old-school craftsmanship is alive and well. Vector Art is the bridge between art and design. Holding up the principals of good vector packaging and product design is Rice Creative. They have been on the Vectorvault Radar for some time now.

Delicious Design

Watch this amazing video that captures the passion of this product. Big brands take notice. From start to finish, this product is perfection. There is real care and love that can never be duplicated by a factory robot. For many of us, it’s the reason we got into this design business in the first place.

So take my advice. Break off a piece of fine cocoa and a coffee, and indulge in this delectable treat:


Dark and Lovely

If that doesn’t make you feel like raising your game today, I don’t know what will.


Non-believers, you can check the steps

Vector Art allows flexibility. For an age of multiple touch points and mediums, it only makes sense to be the weapon of choice for many designers. But to see it merged seamlessly into all manner of printing (old and new), tells me that this is where things are heading. Do you agree?
Rice Creative understands the process, and has selected the right tools to assemble it.