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Artist Profile – Adam Jarvis – 20’s


This is who I was half a lifetime ago. I do not accept responsibility for the pretentious media kit photoshoots and bond-villan hairstyles. The truth is, underneath that glaze of hair gel and $4 cologne, I was a nice guy who just loved to paint.


Like getting a message from your younger self.

I’ve unarchived a series of art from over half a lifetime ago.

I haven’t seen some of these images in years. Luckily for me, I grew up with a group of young photographers who were kind enough to capture these pieces before they left my life forever. And a couple of pretentious looking media photos on the house.

Stumbling upon a box of photography slides of old paintings of mine was a delightful surprise. But finding a high resolution transparency scanner in Toronto is like finding a unicorn. Eventually, I did. Last one in the city actually. And that’s what’s prompted me to write about the person that I was when I painted them. Looking at these slides over a light table really brought me back to the person that I was. Underneath it all, I’m an artist. What a rewarding thought.

I hope that you like them

I’ve got somewhere over 30 paintings. I’m releasing them slowly. And I’m taking my time processing the quality to be at it’s highest level. How high a level?
* I’ll demonstrate by bench pressing my roommate from 20 years ago.

I’ve always loved art

Ever since I can remember, I’ve been compelled to capture images. I always carried my Moleskine and a pen when I rode the train. I drew little masterpieces between stops, then folded them up in the seats. Thousands of drawings.
But painting was a sacrament for me. It had a beginning, a process and a conclusion. There is just something really great about blending colours in my own apartment. Listening to the radio. Long before the internet got it’s hooks in me. When the only person I was responsible for was me (and my cat I suppose). Only a parent can truly understand and appreciate that. Before I started a family, I was in training to be a good person. Still at it.

Capturing a single moment

My art helped me to overcome my shyness. It gave me the confidence to not only ask some of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met to pose. But it also helped me to acquire the most inspiring response an artist can ever hear: Yes.

Could that shirt be any tighter. Sheesh.

Could that shirt be any tighter. Sheesh.

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Vector Book Review – Neubau Welt

Vector Book Review – Neubau Welt


The White Whale, A Moby-Dick Inspired Illustration by Dan McCarthy

Thanks to Laughing Squid for this one.


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Moby, I can relate brother

There have been days that I have felt exactly like that. Like the tentacles of my life all over me – work, relationships, family. This illustration is dramatic and striking. Something about it really captured my attention.

Vectorvault Vector Art Print: “INDEED” by Adam Jarvis


What’s that? You want more you say?


Vector Angelina Jolie – Stan Chow

By Stan Chow
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