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SLV-RX Patrol Drone by Saizen Media

Milan, Italy

Vector Art and 3D Rendering go hand in hand these days. Here is another perfect example:

Secret weapon of the Slavers Patrol Unit, the SLV-RX “Runner” Patrol Drone is a fully equipped, fully automated state of the art AI combat drone. Serving as avant-guard of the Invasion, the Runner drone is the most effective and lethal weapon the Slavers have conceived.

Part of the Slavers Toys – Series 001 created by Saizen Toys, the SLV-RX toy will be available along with the original three Slavers in a stand-alone release.
Just look at this Teaser video. It’s stunning. Well-rendered and dynamic.

There is a great deal of thought and engineering in this design. Take some time to explore the details.
Saizen Media has our full attention.

Vinyl Statues by Coarse

Coarse is a Hong Kong based brand that creates vinyl statues that have gained an increasing worldwide presence amongst art toy and fine arts collectors. The German artist duo behind the brand are Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk. Their work includes photography, prints and objects, combining all aspects to create holistic pieces of art. Pieces that convey an alternate reality. A fiction brand.

Via: Lovely package, youngandbrilliant